Angie Edmunds

Certified Yoga Teacher (E-RYT® 200, YACEP®) & Acro Yoga Master Trainer & 200 Hour YTT Lead Trainer & Travel Staff Member
Angie Edmunds is responsible for many of our workshops and events.  She has a vision of the newest, hottest trends in yoga and loves bringing them to Yoga Power.
She teaches Acro (solar and lunar) yoga and partner yoga. She also teaches Hatha yoga and Yoga for Athletes, focusing on functional mobility. Over the years, she has taught classes ranging from restorative to hot yoga.
She recently received certification through PESI in Yoga and Mindfulness for stress and anxiety in children, adolescents and adults.  

Angie Edmunds instructs the following:
  • First Level Yoga
  • First Level Yoga is a vinyasa class for students who have some basic knowledge of yoga and teaches:
    • Mainly in English terms
    • Basic Sanskrit
    • Basic breathing techniques
    • Use of props & modifications 
    • No arm balances or inversions
    Class is very slow paced and focuses on developing clear and safe alignment in foundational poses. Come to learn and enjoy yoga in a supportive, non-judgemental environment. 

  • Acro Yoga - Intermediate/Advanced
  • Take your Acro Yoga practice to the next level!  Learn more advanced moves in a safe, secure environment.

  • Beginner Yoga
  • New to yoga? This class is a great place to start. Beginner Yoga is for students who have no prior knowledge of yoga and teaches:
    • In English terms only
    • No Sanskrit
    • Brief history of yoga
    • 6 main yoga poses
    • Use of props & modifications for beginners
    • Beginner breathing techniques
    • No arm balances or inversions
    The class emphasizes the fundamentals of a beginner yoga practice and will prepare students to confidently move into our First Level classes. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes; you just have to be willing to try!

  • Yoga Sculpt
  • Yoga Sculpt is a yoga mat-based workout that adds free weights to a yoga sequence, intensifying each yoga pose while incorporating cardio and training exercises, such as squats, lunges, bicep and tricep curls to help you build lean muscle mass.

  • Acro Yoga - Family
  • Family Acro Yoga is a great way to spend time with the entire family.

  • Power Yoga
  • This fitness-based vinyasa practice is an offshoot of Ashtanga, and had many of the same qualities and benefits, including building internal heat, increased stamina, strength, and flexibility, as well as stress reduction.

  • Acro Yoga - Beginner
  • In this acro yoga class, we explore transitions, introduce flow sequences, explore washing machines and pops
    As you begin to explore a more dynamic Acro Yoga practice, we introduce more advanced conditioning and strength building elements.

    Classes are geared towards advanced practitioners interested in refining their technique and acquiring new skills. We cover advanced standing poses, more complex flows and machines, and full release pops.

  • Event - Power of the Full Moon

  • Lunar Acro Jam for the Full Cold Moon Celebration:
    This event will explore the Lunar style, or therapeutic, side of Acro Yoga. The difference from Solar is where the FLYER remains as passive as possible with the BASE being the only active partner with exception to the SPOTTER. It’s like a flying massage!
    Join Nate Ittig and Angie Edmunds to explore this beautiful practice of freedom, compassion, trust, that slowly allows the body to naturally unwind.
    Yogis will work in groups where each person gets the chance to experience floating, as well as learn to properly support one another.  You don't need to have a partner to participate.  Come by yourself and we will provide one for you.
    Fee is $10 per person.