Rachel Allred

Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor
Rachel is a senior at Capital High School.  She came to an aerial yoga class with the dance company and fell in love with aerial.  She completed her Aerial Yoga Teacher Certification through Flex Yoga Wooster and now teaches many of our Aerial classes. Her love of dance and ability to connect with students makes her the perfect match for aerial yoga.

Rachel Allred instructs the following:
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Basic Aerial is the next step up from Beginner Aerial.  This class is for anti-gravity yogis who have taken Beginner
    Aerial classes and feel comfortable taking flight.

  • Aerial Yoga - Private Party
  • This class is a private party and is not open to public enrollment.

  • Aerial Yoga - Beginner
  • Beginner Aerial class moves very slow and is for clients who have no previous knowledge of aerial yoga. It emphasizes the fundamentals of a beginner aerial yoga practice and will prepare clients to confidently move into our Basic Aerial classes.