Acro Yoga Teacher Training Application

Application | Acro Yoga Teacher Training

100 Hour Acro Yoga Teacher Training Program

Yoga Power, LLC • Charleston, WV

Master Trainer: Angie Edmunds (E-RYT 200, YACEP)

Contact Terri Keiffer or Krista Greene at Yoga Power (681) 265-9384 or for payment or application questions.

We recommend that you save a copy of your essay before submission in the event of computer error.

Personal Information

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Health Information

Tuition $999


Payment plans are available on an individual basis with payment of a $50 non-refundable deposit. You must have your deposit paid in full by the start of training, as well as the Payment Plan agreement signed and returned to Yoga Power. Balance must be paid in full prior to the end of your current class training. Payments are by credit or debit card only on a scheduled auto pay basis. 

Scholarship Application before December 31, 2018

Our scholarships are based strictly on financial need only. To be considered for an Acro YTT scholarship, you must provide the following:
• Front page of your most recent 1040 tax return (upload below).
• Write a 250-750 word essay about yourself and what the Acro YTT scholarship would mean to you and your acro yoga practice.
• Scholarship Application must be submitted along with the regular application by December 31, 2018.
• The recipients (2 available) of our YTT scholarship will be announced 30 days before the start of training.

Cancellation Policy

A. Deposit with Application:
There is a non-refundable $50 deposit to apply for the training if you apply after December 31, 2018. The deposit will be returned to you if you are not accepted into the training.

B. Cancellations Before the Training Begins:
 If you choose to withdraw your enrollment in acro yoga teacher training ten or more days before the first scheduled session of your program, Yoga Power will refund all of the fees you have paid to date. If you decide to withdraw your enrollment less than ten days before the start of the first session, Yoga Power will refund all of the fees you have paid less 15%. If you choose to withdraw your enrollment within 24 hours after the first session, you will be refunded 50% of the fees paid. There will be no refunds available 24 hours after the first session.

C. Full Refund Before the Training Begins:
In the event of an unforeseen cancellation by Yoga Power, you will be granted a full refund including the $50 deposit.

D. Cancellations After the Training Begins:
In the event of a serious illness or a death in your immediate family after the training begins and you need to drop out of the training, you will have the option to transfer the balance paid to a future Yoga Power, LLC 100-Hour Acro Yoga Teacher Training. We reserve the right to ask for a doctor's statement that you cannot complete the training.


E. Cancellations to payment plan:
If you are on the payment plan, and you need to drop out of the program, no refunds will be given for payments already received. You are also responsible for your monthly payment until paid in full. If you attended a module that you have not paid for, you are responsible for payment in full prorated based on the cost of the acro teacher training. You may also continue where you left off in the next Yoga Power 100-Hour Acro Yoga Teacher Training.


To gain certification, you must complete all 5 modules and have payment in full.  You have 10 months to complete the course requirements but only through the end of your current class for payment in full.  If you miss a scheduled module in your graduation class, there is no penalty. You may make up the module on its next scheduled date.


Schedule: The schedule consists of 5 modules. Attendance at all modules and sessions is required to complete the training. 



I have read, understand and agree to the above terms and policies. I understand and agree to the completion of assignments and homework as outlined. I also agree and understand the certification requirements and that full attendance is required unless there is special permission granted by Yoga Power that may require additional costs and course work.